Beta Release

Baha'i Mobile Framework

Professional free web sites for LSAs needing to communicate with their communities and reach out to the community of interest.

Welcome. This free service project brings together Baha'i IT professionals and Baha'i communities who need easy to use web sites with Calendar, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube integration all optimized for search engines like Google and Yahoo.

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No build costs

As this is a service project to support the goals of the 5 year plan, there are no costs to build the site.

There are 2 yearly fees that the Internet Authority/Hosting companies charge:

Name Registration: $9/year
Hosting Plans: $5/month (1st year), $10/month (Next years)

Both these fees are paid up front for a year.

The LSA Web Site Project is not involved in these payments, they are simply needed to get your new site up on the internet.


Who runs the project?

We're a private initiative

Recognizing that there is a need for professional and easy to use web sites that are optimized for search engines like Google and that fully utilize the power of social networks like Twitter and Facebook, a group of Baha'i IT professionals in BC, Canada got together to reach out and serve Baha'i Communities. This is an independent project created by private Baha'is after deepening on the 5 Year Plan. Please contact the Baha'i Council of BC, or any of the LSAs we've built sites for to get references.


What skills are needed?

Basically, none

We've created a super-powerful tool that does it all for you. If you are reading this page, you have the skills needed to add articles to the site. It's all web-based and works very much like Gmail or Hotmail. Just click, type the article and hit save. Done!

You can edit and add articles from any web browser. Imagine getting the site updated while at work, on the bus using your iPhone or in front of the TV watching a repeat of Gilligan's Island.


Who owns the site?

Owner: LSA

We build it and your LSA owns and controls it. Simple.



We teach you

Once we're done building your site we train either the full LSA or selected memebers on how to use the site. It take about 15 minutes and is usually done over Skype Video. Imagine a laptop at the next LSA meeting with us on the other end walking everyone through how to edit the site.

We're also only an email away if there are questions after the go-live date.

We'll back you for as long as you need it.



So many look-and-feel options

Style matters. That's why we have many themes to choose from. Have a look at some samples your LSA gets to choose from.


Who can join?

Roll out plans

Now open to all LSAs world wide.


Be found!

Googler's will find you

We do some amazingly complex structural design for you to ensure your community can be found. Most of the LSAs become #1 on Google for a natural search term.

Look at the search for "Maple Ridge Baha'i".


Phones rule the world

30% of visitors are mobile

iPhone,Android,Blackberry,iPads etc will represent a huge amount of your traffic. Our sites automatically adjust to make sure these visitors get a great experience. It's all done for you.


Get Started

Here's what your LSA's representative needs to do

Step 1:

Choose the look and feel of the site, here is a list of 75 themes to choose from: Themes.

Step 2:

If you don't yet have a site, register your [YourCity] and [YourCity] name. Go to GoDaddy Registration Services.

Step 3:

Buy your web site's hosting plan. Follow this document's instructions.

Step 4:

Now that all the infrastructure is ready, send us the passwords and any emails you get from GoDaddy and DiscountASP.Net